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    New Animated Web Series

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    You can sing, and you can hum...

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    Ahhh - rom - nom - nom - nom...

  • El Fuego

    - Burning Up So You Think You Can Dance USA

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    Songs for Happy Healthy Kids

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    There's a bear in there ... Playschool's 45th Anniversary Titles

  • Giggle and Hoot

    A Little Funky Owl

  • Didi and B!

    Going Bananas for Nick Junior.

  • The Adventures of Charlotte and Henry

    Winner - Best Music for Children's Television - Screen Music Awards

  • Little Ted's Big Adventure

    Oh, oh, oh, here we go, go, go

  • Slippy Slippy Slimy

    Nickelodeon goes back to Slime!


cookie200Total Bucket List - Music for Cookie Monster and Elmo. Tick!

When Cookie and Elmo made a visit to the land of Giggle and Hoot, I was chuffed to be able to provide some score for the segment.

I've been a massive fan of Sesame Street all my life - and I reckon in it's heyday Sesame Street was so good it actually justified the existence of Television.

Disney's Talking Friends!


Talking Friends is the hugely successful Outfit 7 Franchise that has spawned Talking Tom, Talking Gina, Talking Ben - a whole menagerie of delightful animated characters you can play with on your phone. My kids were huge fans of them - usually making Talking Tom sing a Michael Jackson song or something like that.

Anyhoo - When Disney Online and Outfit 7 teamed up to create a new web-based animated series based on the characters, I was lucky enough to get the call to provide music for the series.

William Shatner

Picture ... yourself ... on a ... gig .. with the Shat!

Yes. The Shat. Captain Kirk. TJ Hooker. Denny Crane. The Maaaaaaan. When I got the call that they needed a backing track for William Shatner to perform his unique brand of performance poetry to, it was a drop everything moment.

Didi and B - Nick Jr

Didi and B wins at the Astra Awards for best clildrens program and was nominated for a Logie for Best Children's TV! And I'm totally dazzly chuffed to introudce the six new songs I composed and wrote for Nick Jr.

Didi and B is the new "utterly charming" interstitial series for Nick Junior. It stars Didi - an energetic hyper positive butterfly and B - a bumbly friendly cuddly spelling bee. They live in a beautiful, magical garden where they play, craft, joke, sing and dance.

Check out the videos over the break!

It's Playschool!

I'm very proud to announce I have created the music for the new Play School titles. The gorgeous images above are from Animal Logic, and the vocals are by Jay Laga'aia and Justine Clarke. Playschool is a longtime favourite show of mine, and the music was such a part of my growing up, that to be able to contribute to the show like this meant a lot to me. Special thanks to Jan Stradling for asking ... Hope you enjoy it!

Harmony Lovegrove - YTT

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but when I was a kid, I desperately wanted to be on Young Talent Time. I think I probably would have done some break dancing or something, while singing. Maybe a song I wrote myself... but I digress.

Giggle and Hoot Christmas Special

I'm very proud to announce that my music for the Giggle and Hoot Christmas Special has been shortlisted for "Best Music For Children's Television" in the 2011 APRA / AGSC Screen Music Awards!

The Christmas special was a complete hoot to put together with the awesome and hardworking Giggle and Hoot team of Jan Stradling, Natalie Robinson - Hurst, Clare Gerber, Bryson Hall, and Karin Fitzhardinge. James Rees and Hamish Fletcher did their usual brilliant job on the songs. We were all in tears from Hamish's performance of Hoot's Lament, and his little sobbing "Hoo-Hoo-Hoots". Shniiiifff!

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