4 Ingredients - For Sure!

4 Ingredients follows on from the hugely successful book of the same name, and shows simple easy recipies not only in the kitchen, but for life itself. For this project, I created the show's titles, and a library of music based around a kind of indie acoustic girlie pop thing. I pulled in old friends Randall Waller and Kath Ellis , and I’m really stoked with how the tracks turned out. You can check them out on Lifestyle Channel - and worldwide - wherever 4 Ingredients is playing

Theme - 4 Sure

It's All Right

Time Lapse

Charlie Don



Dry Spell Gardening

I had a great time composing the music and titles for Lifestyle series "Dry Spell Gardening" - hosted by Brendan Moar. It's a new gardening makeover type show - but with a focus on sustainable gardening, and drought tolerant plants.

While there was a fair amount of custom music per episode, I also created a library of tracks to cover the various stages of design and construction of the various gardens. The garden designs were also really cool, with each project sustainable, unique and inspiring.


A track on So You Think You Can Dance America? Yep - I don't believe it either. And now opening the SYTYCD Live tour??? No - way - And I am the first one to admit that it is far more about the genius of Kelley Abbey than much to do with me.

But I will say this - it was a dream to work with Kelley and Max Lambert in the creation of the track, through its various incantations. I learnt so much about writing for dance - accents, fill, drive, support, space. A complete masterclass for me.