Pie Gotta Fly!

Pie Gotta Fly!Was stoked to get the gig to write and compose a new song to celebrate the third birthday of ABC 3 and Studio 3. The brief was to create a song, for a film clip, about throwing pies, starring the ABC 3 Hosts including Prank Patrol's Scott Tweedie, Stay Tuned's Joel Phillips and Nicole Singh, Good Game's Steven "Bajo" O'Donnell and Stephanie "Hex" Bendixsen, as well as the four amazing Studio 3 Hosts - Amberley Lobo, Olivia Phyland, James Elmer, and Kayne Tremills. 

We recorded the song in Melbourne's Birdland Studios and Sydney's Trackdown. Had an utter ball working with such a bunch of talented and funny performers. Putting the bridge together was a particular highlight of this project, with a gospel inspired chorus demanding a big sing from everyone. Each cast member found their own bit of brilliance and madness to bring to the pie party, and they bust out some truly awesome moves in the Denim inspired section of the film-clip.

nickpieThe song turned into a huuuuge mix - about 150 channels more than I usually deal with. Was great building the arrangement back up again. Really happy with how it all turned out, sounds huuuge - but doesn't sound like that many channels, even though there's a lot going on. Yadda yadda... 

More importantly I got to make two truly awesome puns. About Pies.

Those who know me, know what that means to me. 

To coincide with the Clip ABC3 also ran a "Design An Album Cover" competition for the song, which my buddy Nicholas "Hoot" Richard created this awesome cover. It made me realise I hadn't considered the song from the point of view of the pie - which is of course a massive oversight on my behalf. I can be such a pie-ist sometimes. 

Anyhoo the track is available for download from the ABC3 Website.  The lyrics are here. Thanks to Jan Stradling, Marie Davies, Dave Cartel, Tim Powell, JR and Big Sean from Birdland and Trackdown, but in particular the amazing cast who were such a pleasure to work with. Pie Gotta Fly!!!