Harmony Lovegrove - YTT

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but when I was a kid, I desperately wanted to be on Young Talent Time. I think I probably would have done some break dancing or something, while singing. Maybe a song I wrote myself... but I digress.

These days I am neither young, talented, nor particularly time rich, so it was with some relief  I got to assist an amazingly talented young singer, Harmony Lovegrove, with her performance of "What The World Needs Now"on the new 2012 reboot of YTT!

I first met Harmony when we were recording a promo for Nickelodeon. She was a delight in the studio, and a complete pro to work with.

So when her parents contacted me to create an arrangement / backing track for Harmony's appearance on the show, I was chuffed to be able to help.

We created an all new arrangement of the "What The World Needs Now" tailored specifically around Harmony's performance  strengths, allowing for some big moments, some intimacy, and of course, some really flying vocal lines.

It was great to be able to really go to town on the arrangement, knowing I was working with a young singer who could easily meet any of the challenges we would set her in the track. 

And meet it she did! When we got the Lovegrove clan up to the studios to make sure everything was fitting as it should, Harmony was at first a little shy, but as is the case with so many pros, as soon as she opened her mouth, she nailed it!! 

After wowing them in the heats - and getting compared to a young Whitney Houston- she was then invited back to perform in the Wildcard semi-finals! This time we landed on the Babs / David Foster version of "Somewhere". It took me cack to Uni when I had already prgrammed this amazing arrangement, but this time I got to do it with a new generation of samples - rather than just my trusty Sound Canvas and SY77!

Again - NAILED IT! Although Harmony didn't make it through to the finals, I know she had an amazing time, met some of her idols, and got some awesome resume quotes like "Move over Streisand". Well done to Harmony and all the Lovegrove clan. Can't wait to see what you all do next!