A track on So You Think You Can Dance America? Yep - I don't believe it either. And now opening the SYTYCD Live tour??? No - way - And I am the first one to admit that it is far more about the genius of Kelley Abbey than much to do with me.

But I will say this - it was a dream to work with Kelley and Max Lambert in the creation of the track, through its various incantations. I learnt so much about writing for dance - accents, fill, drive, support, space. A complete masterclass for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed the performance. I'm sorry to say the track isn't available for download - though if you look around on the internets you'll find some footage of it and Kelley's amazing choreography. The link for the show's performance is below and I adore the live version above as well

Thanks to all of the people that have had part in its evolution, Oscar Jimenez for his tongue twisting rap, and the always awesome Glen Hannah on guitar. Chuffed. Proud.