Slippy Slippy Slimy!

SlimeGuyNow this was fun. When Kristie Phelan at Nickelodeon asked me to have a go at some music for their new image spot, I just fell in love with the piccys. Editor Andy Shaw had already done a cut that rocked and rolled, and demanded a really dynamic score, and it was my pleasure to grind out some thumping rock to match some sublime and slimy pictures. We went back and forth a couple of times and landed on something really aweosme.

The pictures really capture a primal messy joy more than anything, and it was aweosme to get out the guitar and drums and rock out for this one! Check out the clip over the break.

Thanks once again to Kristie Phelan for inviting me aboard an aweosme campaign, Andy Shaw for an awesome cut to work to, Abi Smith and Tom "Bongo" Peter for awesome vocals, and to all the kids who got slimed for these pictures. Absolutely joyous to write to. Awesome.