This promo kind of explains itself. I got a whole bunch of clips from the awesome crew at Nickelodeon and cut them into this masterpiece. There's Sanjay and Craig, Kat and Sam, and of course the legendary Spongebob.

Irreverent? Juvenile? Immature? Rude? And loving it! 

Slippy Slippy Slimy!

SlimeGuyNow this was fun. When Kristie Phelan at Nickelodeon asked me to have a go at some music for their new image spot, I just fell in love with the piccys. Editor Andy Shaw had already done a cut that rocked and rolled, and demanded a really dynamic score, and it was my pleasure to grind out some thumping rock to match some sublime and slimy pictures. We went back and forth a couple of times and landed on something really aweosme.

The pictures really capture a primal messy joy more than anything, and it was aweosme to get out the guitar and drums and rock out for this one! Check out the clip over the break.

Pie Gotta Fly!

Pie Gotta Fly!Was stoked to get the gig to write and compose a new song to celebrate the third birthday of ABC 3 and Studio 3. The brief was to create a song, for a film clip, about throwing pies, starring the ABC 3 Hosts including Prank Patrol's Scott Tweedie, Stay Tuned's Joel Phillips and Nicole Singh, Good Game's Steven "Bajo" O'Donnell and Stephanie "Hex" Bendixsen, as well as the four amazing Studio 3 Hosts - Amberley Lobo, Olivia Phyland, James Elmer, and Kayne Tremills. 

Camp Orange - Boys vs Girls


I provided some incidental music a few years ago for Camp Orange - It was some spooky underscore as players voted by dropping Balls into slots. Sometimes I added reverb. Sometimes not. Oh how we made puns about Wet balls and Dry Balls.

But I digress. This year's Girls vs Boys challenge brought on the opportunity to remix the show's iconic titles - which was massive fun. The show is hosted by the Astra award winning duo Luke and Wyatt, joined this year by iCarly's hilarious Jennette McCurdy

The new series premiered to some of Nick's highest ever ratings. Congrats to Gavin Jarrett, Kristie Phelean and the whole Nick and Camp O team on a terrific show!

Harmony Lovegrove - YTT

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but when I was a kid, I desperately wanted to be on Young Talent Time. I think I probably would have done some break dancing or something, while singing. Maybe a song I wrote myself... but I digress.