TED ED - Micro-raptors

Micro Raptor2I had one of those weird experiences with Paul Newell where I discovered that unwittingly we had already done a few projects together before we had even met. He’s been a character designer and animator for year – and his work is bloody first rate. Through my work with Nickelodeon over the years I had made music for a number of animations Pual had done – including Didi and B amongst others, and so when I was looking for a characater designer for one of my things, we wewre introduced by the wonderful Kristie Phelan.

Paul then asked me if I’d do some music for an animation he was doing for the TedEd series of clips. In this case it was a discussion of the science of colour, and working out what colour the dinosaurs were.

Dinosaurs, science and faux merrie melodies / 50s science documentary music – How can a boy say no?? Thrilled with the result (though maybe they could turn the music up a bit - #standardcomposerresponsethat) – The vid did about 200,000 people in the first two days. Enjoy!