William Shatner

Picture ... yourself ... on a ... gig .. with the Shat!

Yes. The Shat. Captain Kirk. TJ Hooker. Denny Crane. The Maaaaaaan. When I got the call that they needed a backing track for William Shatner to perform his unique brand of performance poetry to, it was a drop everything moment.

I've actually been a fan of The Transformed Man's special performances for many years, and the idea of being able to in some small way emulate their genius was just incredible. It was decided that Bill would perform "Down Under". I built the backing track with my good friend, and Denny Crane fan, Glen Hannah on guitar, and headed off to the first rehearsal where Bill was needing just a little help to come in at times. I suggested maybe a little conducting might help and suddenly found myself on the national tour, waggling my arms at my new best mate Bill.

Bill was nothing but a complete professional - and I say this as as an immense compliment - a trouper of the highest order. His first and only concern for the shows was to give his audiences a top performance every show. I suggested we could take our act on the road - call it "Sean and The Shat!", though grudgingly admitted he could have top billing if he really wanted.

It climaxed on the final evening with Bill wanting to do just one more song. A long time fan of "Waltzing Matilda" we rustled up a set of lyrics and tried it in Bill's dressing room - It was awesome. Thanks to the flexible and incredible staff of QPAC we found a grand piano, and wheeled it out onstage to give the Queensland audience a reading of our National Song that they , and I will never forget.

Awesome fun - a complete pleasure - and honour! The Shat forever!!!