Giggle And Hoot And Friends

GHHBGiggle and Hoot have hit the road! The new show, starring Jimmy “Giggle” Rees, Nicholas “Hoot” Richard and Naomi “Hootbelle” Young had it’s premiere at Melbourne’s Arts Centre in early 2013 and toured throughout the country in 2013 to Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, the Gold Coast and the Sydney Opera House.

Having written most of the songs, as well has having worked with the cast in creating the music for the show, I was lucky enough to be invited to come on as Musical Director  / Sound Designer for the concert tour, as well as creating some new music for the show, working alongside director Luke Joslin. Luke, myself and the cast worked together to put together an amazing show, written and led by the brilliant and always hardworking Giggle and Hoot production team of Clare Gerber, Bryson Hall and Natalie Robinson-Hurst. 

The highlight of the show was watching and hearing the audiences across the country respond to the show, and hearing the thousands of little people singing along with songs that we all took such joy in creating. Working in TV that audience response is often forgotten, so to see the many families and children enjoying these songs was an amazing reward. Naturally the little moments created by James, Nick and Naomi  in each performance were also wonderful. I love working with them – we have a great time.

For me in particular, coming back to the concert hall of the Opera House for ten shows, having worked there as a sound operator for so many years was particularly personally satisfying. The concert hall is such a special venue in our country, and while I’ve performed and mixed there many times, having the songs be such a huge part of the show was just great.