Theatre Review Highlights

Everything’s F**ked was performed in 2007 at the Adelaide Festival Centre, and in workshop in London in 2008. Winner of the 2008 AWGIE award for Music Theatre, as well as writing and performance awards for it’s 2002 workshop. It was also released as a soundtrack album which is selling internationally.

Sean Peter is dragging music theatre kicking and cursing into the 21st century – JJJ radio
…quite masterly suspenseful theatre … – db magazine
… a bop-along-in-your-seat pop masterpiece… - Adelaide Advertiser
...Everything’s Fucked is one of the most positive and untraditional listening experiences I have had for very, very long, no categories barred. ... Fredrik Fisher - Opera Magazine

A major retrospective Suitcase was performed to full houses as part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, and Melbourne International Arts Festival.

This has to be one of the best shows in the Cabaret Festival. Maybe the best…. a cross-section of singer-composer Sean Peter's works. Many come from his musicals, Dutch Courage, The Pink Files, SCAM, Everything's F**ked, and some are just his songs. They roam the moods and states of the human condition. Some melancholy, some uproarious. Some sweet, some angry. Some sad, some folly – Adelaide Advertiser,
… a celebration of the past, the present and the future of musical theatre. Peter's shows have constantly pushed back and reshaped the boundaries of musical theatre. … (His songs) are direct, expressive, musically progressive and emotionally accessible. They exhibit a unique style and power that stamps Peter as someone likely to write not just one great musical, but several if given the chance. Sunday Mail

Dutch Courage told the story of a Gay resistance group in world war two. It has been performed in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and New York’s Wing’s Theatre Company.

What gives Dutch Courage its emotional density is Sean Peter’s music and lyrics, with songs of satiric bite, heart catching pathos, and sometimes searing power - The Bulletin,

The Pink Files, commissioned by Junction Theatre tells the story of Gay Life in Adelaide from WWII to the beginnings of Gay Liberation in the 1970s . It was performed as part of the Centenary of Federation celebrations as well as Adelaide’s Feast Festival.

… terrific songs … The humour, glamour and tragedy leaves no dry eyes. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. It’ll be worth every cent you pay and worthy of its’ opening night standing ovation. - Rip It Up

SCAM!, also commissioned by Adelaide’s Junction Theatre Company, was through sung and performed by 5 principals and chorus to a pre - recorded multi media soundtrack.

... the result is a show exhilarating and accomplished, handling the technological challenges with ease and a cracking pace. Sean Peter is a composer of wit and eclectic fluency conjuring up several fine tunes (Paulie's phone call to her mother is haunting). The more recitative - style sections had a narrative and dramatic ease to which the authoritative performances of the principals were eloquent testimony