I've been hanging around gybo a bit– probably the best website for mahsups/bootlegs around. I’ve tried my hand at a few, and if you want to download them – they’re here …

Dynamite Gurls

Caution - may cause diabetic reaction from the amount of ear candy and sweet sweet pop. May contain fragments of Taio Cruz, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas and other nutritionally unsound soundbites.

(Wish I was) Under Kylie

Kylie Minogue "On a Night Like This" vs The Church "Under the Milky Way"

Hope it makes a for a memorable night for someone. I have always loved "Milky Way" and hope the actual execution of mashing with Kylie is less offensive than the idea might seem at first.

Devil Went Down On Betty

Spiderbait's Black Betty - vs Charlie Daniels Band - Devil Went down to Georgia

This was done for the Bride of Monster Mash halloween album. There's some great tracks there - check - em out!

Oktoberfest - 99 Red Baloons

Jah - Das it Gut. Miene Oompah version of da gut song 99 Red Balloons. Did this for a corporate gig last year, and thought I'd bring it out for some Oktoberfest beer swilling joy this year. Ja, Das ist meiene vocals. I apologise to anyone that actually speaks German.

What I Want Is Some Lizard Cake

Flying Lizards Money vs Cake's Short Skirt Long Jacket

My first mash-up. Has had a bit of a resurgence recently, and made a few best of lists which is nice.

Bootiful Prudence

Beatles Dear Prudence vs Xtina's Beautiful

Very popular this one - I did about 30 gigs in two days when I first released it into the wild. Two great songs that really fit each other. Probably my favourite of my mashes - has a bit of heart hiding in there :-)

Betty Boy

John Denver's Thank God I'm a Country Boy vs Spiderbait's Black Betty

This was the original inspiration for Devil went down on Betty. Keys were about as far apart as you can go, so it turned into a sort of Cotton Eye Joe thing. Still, pumps along, and the violin solos are good.

Stepping Out

A Cover of Joe Jackson's Stepping Out

Seems to pop up all over the internet and on various poddcasts. Very chilled - sort of a night out with a restaurant and bottle of wine rather than a pumping dace club if you know what i mean.

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