Humpty's Big Adventure

HumptysBigAdventrueHumpty – you can’t just sit on a wall all day! Humpty is instead getting up and active with a bunch of his friends, trying everything from karate and ballet to bmx riding and basketball!

The titles for this are as amazing as everything that Brendan at picture drift always done. We wanted the music to be fun, and energetic, and Humpty’s song has some great horns and a rock ska groove.

Mary did some great vocals for me (yet again) and Glen Hannah’s guitars make everything sound awesome. Thanks to Sarah Dabro and Jan Stradling yet again for a top gig! 

Maurice's Big Adventure


Maurice's Big Adventure is the fith part of the Big Adventure series, and stars Playschool bear Maurice. Maurice is a little bear, trying things like going to school for the first time.

After the raucous activity of Humpty’s Big Adventure, it was lovely to be able to do something a little gentler and quieter. The show’s signature song “Little Bear – Little Steps” is one my favourites that I’ve made for any gig and both Justine Clare and Miranda Tapsell performed absolutely beautiful versions of it. 

My Batty Lair

gigglefangsWhen Giggle and Hoot introduced a new character Gigglefangs, we needed a new song to talk about his super cool and awesome “Bat-chelor Pad” –  Geddit? Bat-chelor Pad” Hahhahaha – y’anyways

Had a swingin’ time coming up with this track, and Cam Ralph did a fantastic job on the vocals. 

Naomi Young and Nick Richard (Hoot and Hootabelle) were also brilliant bvs and the clip directed by Karin Fitzhardinge and produced by all of the Giggle and Hoot gang from Bryson Hall, Clare Gerber, Natalie Robinson Hurst and Jan Stradling is just awesome! Checkout the film clip after the link ... 

Slimefest 2014

Slimefest Kids I loved working with an incredible bunch of singers from the Voice Kids – we put together a version of Pharell William’s “Happy” and performed it in front of thousands of screaming and slimy kids in Melbourne and Sydney.

The Kids included Harmony Lovegrove, Fletcher Pilon, Sebastian Coe, Gemma Nha, Lenisa De Clemete and Malia Mataele. Jade Barnes choreographed, and had a wonderful time with all the Nick crew including Brianna Pinchbeck, Jeremy Gilroy and Mick Elliot. 

Little Ted's Big Adventure

Creating the theme song and music for Little Ted's Big Adventure was one of those rare pleasures. The whole concept was simple, and beautifully executed, as Little Ted and his friends Teo and Rachel find all sorts of ways to travel. Each show ends with Little Ted's song, which has now been made into a book. 

Glen Hannah played beautiful guitars, with Teo Gebert and Rachel Coopes singing. Thanks to Kala Ellis, Jeremy Gilroy and Jan Stradling once again for inviting me to be part of such a gorgeous show.