The Gigglearium!

veges1When Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the Owl find a special magic ticket in the Surprise-a-lat-or, little do they know they’re soon going to receive the most magic fruit and vege box there ever was – The Gigglearium!

Home to Cosmo Carrot, Bessie Broccoli and Tommy Tomato, the three most singingest veges ever, the Gigglearium present awesome songs loud, slow, solo, country and opera while the veges dance up a storm.

If ever there was a gig I was born to do the Gigglearium is it. I know I always say I had a ball on all my gigs (and I do) but this was just so much fun to put together, with the amazing Giggle and Hoot team, and Clare Gerber in particular.


cookie200Total Bucket List - Music for Cookie Monster and Elmo. Tick!

When Cookie and Elmo made a visit to the land of Giggle and Hoot, I was chuffed to be able to provide some score for the segment.

I've been a massive fan of Sesame Street all my life - and I reckon in it's heyday Sesame Street was so good it actually justified the existence of Television.

Didi and B - Nick Jr

Didi and B wins at the Astra Awards for best clildrens program and was nominated for a Logie for Best Children's TV! And I'm totally dazzly chuffed to introudce the six new songs I composed and wrote for Nick Jr.

Didi and B is the new "utterly charming" interstitial series for Nick Junior. It stars Didi - an energetic hyper positive butterfly and B - a bumbly friendly cuddly spelling bee. They live in a beautiful, magical garden where they play, craft, joke, sing and dance.

Check out the videos over the break!

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards - 2011 "I Want Nick!!"

What an amazing night. Sydney Ent Cent. Timomatic. Jack Vidgen. Slime. What more could anyone want!!

It all started when I was approached to arrange / produce the track for a promo campaign for Nickelodeon's 2011 Kids Choice Awards. We wanted to use a fresh new singer, and having worked on Fame with the incredible Mr. Timomatic, he was a natural choice. In one of those awesome coincidences, it turned out Tim was gigging not far from my studios, so I wandered on down, and in spite of my award winning personality skills, Tim still said yes, and not long after we started working on the track.

There's a reason why Tim is now topping the charts. He's frickin' great. We had an awesome time working on the track, with Nickelodeon's Creative Director Kristie Phelan, and before we knew it, we were making a new version which opened the whole show. Can't tell you what it felt like in the Ent Cent, hearing a track I made, watching an unbeliveable singing and dancing performance from Mr Tim!

I then had the absolute pleasure of working with one of the most talented young singers I have ever worked with - Australia's Got Talent Winner - Jack Vidgen.

Everyone had been trying to get a performance from Jack for the awards, and when Katy Perry's "Firework" was suggested, I was again given the opportunity to produce the audio track for the show. Jack's performance on the night was just so engaging. I remember hearing the audience sing along, while Jack nailed his vocal. A bit of Pyro, some cool choreography - another great performance and one of the real highlights of the night.

Being a part of something so huge and exciting was a real career highlight for me. Hopefully can join in again for the 2012 KCAs. Thanks to Kristie Phelan, Timomatic, Jack Vidgen and all at Nick, Sony and the KCAs!

Nick Junior 'Play'

This is a totally gorgeous campaign. Carlos Sanchez and Kristie Phelan at Nick Junior worked with DCMI on their idents for 2011. I worked on the audio performance end of things, working with a terrific group of kids lead by Mariah G., on a track written by Parry Gripp, which I ended up mixing as well.