The Adventures of Charlotte and Henry

Charlotte and Henry - Main Titles

My score for "The Adventures of Charlotte and Henry" won Best Children's Music in the 2009 Screen Music Awards ... and we were also nominated for an AFI - Best Children's Animation!!!

Based on the books by Australian authour Bob Graham, the movie tells the story of two very different ten year olds and the trials and tribulations of their friendship.

The score ended up being terrific fun. I commented at the time that it felt more like I was working on a rom-com than a kids film. It was such a smart and funny script, and the characters were so nicely drawn. I went for a traditional orchestral score - augmented with some vocalese, provided by the ever versatile Kath Ellis. I also had to make a punk-rock-pop song, "Loving You Baby" and managed to reunite with an old friend Simon Shapiro, who provided the ball tearing vocals for the song. It was also good to work with old friend Glen Hannah who has returned to music after a long period of graphic design. Nice to have you back Glen.

Working on such a wonderful piece of writing was a total pleasure, with the script made by some ex Playhouse Disney friends, Tammy Burnstock, Jan Stradling and Executive producer Paige Livingstone amongst others. It was also the first time I'd worked with director Steve Trenbirth and his MadCow Pictures. Having never worked on a feature length animation before it was fascinating watching the process evolve from storyboard to animatic and then through the various drafts of animation to such a beautiful and detailed final product.

The trailer below shows the gorgeous animation, and some snippets from the score. Enjoy!