Play Along With Sam

PlayAlongWithSam-D11 MR-55Sam Moran is the host of Nick Jr’s Play Along With Sam, and the show has bounced from success to success. Essentially a one hander to camera, the show capitalises on Sam’s genuine good humour and warmth, with great Aria Award winning songs (by Sam and others) and terrific set pieces.

Season 4 saw us try long (30 minutes) form with a series of themed episodes from Christmas to Halloween. It also allowed us to travel outside of the studio in our “All Around The World” episode. All of the variety in these eps allowed me to try a whole different musical vocab, outside of the standard Play Along With Sam underscore we did for Seasons 3 and 5.

Jade Barnes and a group of awesomely talented kids provided the perfect foil for Sam, and the whole thing was directed and produced by the amazing Andy Shaw and Shaun Walsh. Play Along With Sam season 4 has been nominated for a Logie for Most Outstanding Children’s Televison.