The Gigglearium!

veges1When Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the Owl find a special magic ticket in the Surprise-a-lat-or, little do they know they’re soon going to receive the most magic fruit and vege box there ever was – The Gigglearium!

Home to Cosmo Carrot, Bessie Broccoli and Tommy Tomato, the three most singingest veges ever, the Gigglearium present awesome songs loud, slow, solo, country and opera while the veges dance up a storm.

If ever there was a gig I was born to do the Gigglearium is it. I know I always say I had a ball on all my gigs (and I do) but this was just so much fun to put together, with the amazing Giggle and Hoot team, and Clare Gerber in particular.

Working together with a cast of James Rees, Hamish Fletcher and Naomi Young, who absolutely brought everything and more to this gig, we created these gorgeous performance pieces that were all at once funny, engaging, musical and entertaining. From Bessie’s operatic aria, to Cosmo’s Ringadingadingadingadingdongs, we made some great tunes.

My personal favourite though would have to be Tommy Tomato’s slow song . Ask me sometime about my version of Tommy’s backstory – it’s all there in the vocals  and Hamish’s vocals and puppeteering were absolutely first rate.

I may never get to work on the Muppet Show, but doing the Gigglearium, and the Gigglearium special is definitely the next best thing. The Gigglearium songs appear on Claw Tapping Tunes - Giggle and Hoot on iTunes